GRIBEN Car Tire Sticker LetteringCustom-Made (Adhesive Included.)

Designed by GRIBEN


▶ E-Skate T.O (Red) + pattern (Reflective white) = 5 SET

▶ ArturHugo +  pattern (Reflective white) = 1 SET


※ Please Make Sure to Measure Your Tire Sidewall to

    Make Sure You Buy the Right Size


※ If the lettering surface is contaminated,

   clean the surface with a cloth moistened with toluene


▶ Type: Permanent
▶ Thickness : About 1.2 mm
▶ Brand Name GRIBEN
▶ Shipping : FedEx Only
▶ Manufacture: DETAILKOREA (made in korea)  (How To...) (Reflection Video)


GRIBEN Custom Tire Lettering Stickers