GRIBEN Car Tire Sticker Letters

Designed by GRIBEN


※ Adhesive Not Included.

    Please purchase adhesive on a separate page.
▶ 80 letters can be attached with one adhesive.

▶ 15 patterns can be attached with one adhesive.


※ Tire Letters Height Size

▶ Letter Height : About 2 cm (Fits Tire Size Wall 35~55 and over)
▶ Letter Height : About 2.5 cm (Fits Tire Size Wall 40~55 and over)
▶ Letter Height : About 3 cm (Fits Tire Size Wall 45~55 and over)


※ Please Make Sure to Measure Your Tire Sidewall to Make Sure You Buy the Right Size


※ Protective film is attached only to the reflective letters.
    Remove the protective film after attaching.
    (Normal color does not have a protective film attached.)


▶ Type: Permanent
▶ Thickness : About 2 mm
▶ Brand Name GRIBEN
▶ Included Total Decal : 1 SET Decal (1Set for Each Tire)
     Please purchase 4 sets of 4 tires.
▶ Reflective Color : Reflective White, Reflective Black

▶ Normal Color : White, Red, Opange, Yellow, Green, Blue
▶ Manufacture: DETAILKOREA (made in korea)



GRIBEN Tire Lettering Sticker GHOST TR027